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Artistic Statement

My technique is a fusion of all the technique styles and movement principles I have learned and performed while dancing with various companies and choreographers in NYC.

Enlarge image Photo by James De Salvo Cover Painting by Stephanie Bolton

In the modern dance technique I teach, I seek and explore a grounded sense of weight like tree roots reaching down into the earth. This in turn becomes the energy that allows my movement to have a close relationship to the ground, almost as if partnering with the pull of gravity. My dance technique/style is based on organic reaction to an initial (real or imaginary) action, resulting in a continuous rhythmical, physical and visual reactions: Reaction Technique. The outcome is a more powerful execution of even the most ordinary or simplest of movement.

My choreography has evolved throughout the years, reflecting the cultures and styles that have surrounded me and influenced me through the process of creating my work. Though coming from a Western dance training with Classical ballet and American classical modern dance technique of Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Lester Horton, yet having mainly performed with Asian American choreographers, I was inevitably drawn to the cultural blend of Eastern and Western movement sensibility that these choreographers have shown within their choreography. While performing works with H. T. Chen & Dancers, Asian American Dance Theater, Hikari Baba Dancers, Ilkyu Park and Ruby Shang, I discovered a different and unique way of moving my body . This lead me not only to investigate, explore and identify the works of Asian Americans in modern dance, but it has also inspired me to create works that acknowledges my multicultural influences and artistic experiences. I enjoy mixing Western athleticism, boldness and expansive movements, as well as the intensity that Eastern theatrical subtlety, minimalism, presence, focus and enduring energy. Recently with my ventures learning Salsa dancing, I am intrigued by the improvisational aspect that exists within a set rhythm of the music that drives this evolving Latin dance. I am also exploring the beautiful connection that one can create with a dance partner while social dancing Zouk Lambada, which is very similar to Contact-improvisation and the modern dance use of torso fluidity along with the wave-like hip isolation of lambada dancing form Brazil and catchy zouk rhythms of the Caribbean. Most recently I have been exploring the self-empowerment and self-expression that pole dancing brings to women, and the sensual articulation and rhythms of the pelvis with belly dancing. Each dance contributes to enrich my dancing as an artist and educator.

Brazilian Zouk & ZOUK HI

Brazilian Zouk is a partner social dance with roots from Brazilian Lambada and Zouk music from the Caribbean. The dance has evolved in the last years. ZOUK HI is a Zouk Education with a focus on the fundamentals of dance movement, partnering technique, musical sensibility and systematic progression. More information can be found in the soon to be released first book on Zouk published in the USA "The Art and Sensuality of Brazialian Zouk Dancing" www.livezoukaloha.com