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Portfolio — Choreography

2013 Inspiration - Zouk Solo, Music: The Gypsy Kings
Anuenue Zouk - Zouk Duet, Music: The Hawaiian rainbow singers - remixed by Andre Okawara
Oblivion -
- duet, Music: Astor Piazzola
For Now - Zouk Duet, Music: T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne
Fifthy Shades of 50 -
- 42 min Solo, Poetry:Elizabeth Madden-Zibman, Tatyana Perovicheva, Anne Cheng, Song: Mira Estaphanous Patti
Save me a dance -
- 8 dancers, Music: Yamulemao,Shorty Shorty,Rebound Chick
3 Seascapes -
- 3 dancers, Music: Footsteps on Gravel, Live Choir of Sighs, Magic Sands Beach Waves
2012 … so? Yeah… sure… whatever … - - 7 dancers, Music: Jun Miyake
Zouk Flashmob PRinceton Part 1 -
- 11 dancers (wheelchair and abled), Music: Robin Thicke, Rihanna
Soul Mate-
- Pole Dance Solo, Music: Natasha Bedingfield
Pure Love-
- Zouk Styling Solo, Music: Arash ft Helena
Amazing Grace -
- Solo, Music: Cassandra Wilson
Untitled White
- 7 Dancers, Music: Amy Winehouse, Sean Jean
2011 Nuyorican Heat - - 8 Dancers, Music: Bobby Sanabria
Chance Duo -
- 14 dancers, Music: Ray Charles, Laurine Frost
Fireflies Too -
- 6 dancers, Music: Gato Barbieri
- Quartet, Music: Gato Barbieri
Zero Effect -
- Solo, Text: Zach Wahls
Nature Boy -
- Solo, Music: Eden Ahbez performed by Casey Abrams
Seven Seasons -
- Solo, Music: Herbert Zipper - Dachau Lied (1928)(recording performed by Judy Yeh)
Crispy Water and Sugary Air -
Quartet, Music: J. S. Bach Concerto for 4 Harpsichords in A Minor
One's Upon Times - Duet, Text: Marie Alonzo
Rain Puddles in Heaven -
Solo, Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
2010 Acid Dare - Solo, Music: Ray Barreto
Junction Dances -
Outdoor Site-specific dance collage with HotSalsaHot, Devastation Crew, Alexia's Belly Dancing & Beyond, Lisa Botalico Dancers and West Windsor HS South Indian dancers
Michelle on the rooftop - Duet, Music: Gato Barbieri, Filmmaker: Tatiana Dutra Perez
Passion and Fire – 13 dancers, Music: Gato Barbieri with salsa work by Henri Velandia
Homelands5 dancers and audience participation. Music: Nitin Sawney
2009 En el Jardin – Duet, Music: Osvaldo Golijov with flamenco work by LisaBotalico
Songs of Nilad – Duet, Music: Joseph Cysner, Rob Berger, Tin Hat
Hagar and Ishq Solo, Music: Cantor Galeet Dardashti, Manish Vyas
2008 Rang de Nila. “ Lillith in the New World” – Gallery Performance Art/Improvisation                        
Traversations: Take me there I belong, here – Quartet, Music: Geoffrey Armes, Sets: Keiko Ishida (original commissioned  work by Ear to the Ground, Chen Dance Center with funds from the Jerome Foundation)
I BelieveTrio, Music: Natalie Grant
2007 Cadenza – Solo, Music: Johann Sebastian Bach                                                                                             
La Petite Danseuse Orientale – Solo, Music: John McDowell                                                               
Jubilant Song – Duet, Music: Norman Dello-Joio                                                                              
Seussical – Princeton Day School MS Musical                                                                                               
Fireflies – for 8 dancers, Music: Gerry Hemingway
2006 When Blue Skies Cry – 9/11 Dance Tribute, Music: Morten Lauridsen
Invocation -  19 dancers, Music: Dead Can Dance                                                                             
Jota y Manton – Collaborative Filipino and Flamenco with Lisa Bottalico                                         
Guys and Dolls – Princeton Day School MS Musical                                                                                   
Till you Return – Solo, Music: Constancio de Guzman
2005 Summer Fields – 19 dancers, Music: Johann Sebastian Bach                                                                   
Whispering Tides – 21 dancers, Music: Yas-Kaz
Sacrae Viae – Quartet, Music: Ahrin Mishan
2004 Water Dreams – Solo, Music: Carol Heffler and Gerry Hemingway, Sets: Connie Tell
2003 Unveiling the bamboo – Duet, Music: Lisa Gerrard, Pieter Bourke, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jeff  Nathanson, Poem: Elizabeth Madden-Zibman
Suite in red – Duet, Music: Jeff Nathanson
2002 Passing Moments – Solo, Music: Theresa Carreno. Dedicated to a 9/11 family
Awakening – Trio, Music: J.S. Bach
2000 Hair – Abdriged version Performing Arts High School of Mercer County
1986-1995 Justified: just-as if-I’d; Silenced; Summer '91; Uncompleted; I Was Born Woman; My Last FarewellA Prayer, a wish, a cry for freedom ; Fontane di RomaUntitled for Two Women, One Man and Three Chairs ; Immigrant ; No Place To Run, No Place To Hide; Instants; Psalms


Portfolio — Photo Gallery

Songs of Nilad Photos by Julie Lemberger             En el Jardin Photos by Elliot Gordon            Passion and Fire Photos by Elliot Gordon